Sample Course Outline

NVivo 12 one or two day STARTER/PRO open workshop

Day one: NVivo 12 STARTER (Setting up and working with a project)

9.00am-10.30am Session 1: Navigate, Import, Link

  • Overview of the software
  • Creating, opening and saving Projects
  • Orientation to navigating the workspace
  • Importing project items
  • Creating links within and beyond the project
Morning Tea
10.50am-12.30pm Session 2: Identify, Code, Analyse

  • Identify themes and create nodes
  • Code by reading; Code by searching
  • Review and Reorganise your coding frame
  • Merging and aggregating your work to progress
  • Auto Coding
1.30pm-2.45pm Session 3: Own Project Work

  • Organise data for project set-up
  • Create your own project
  • Apply sessions 1 and 2 as you work to establish your project
Afternoon Tea
3.00pm-4.00pm Session 4: Working with Media Files

  • Importing, transcribing and synchronising Audio, Video and Image files

Day two: NVivo 12 PLUS – analyses and insights



Session 5: Classifications, Externals and Datasets

  • Organise using sets
  • Classifying project items – sources and nodes
  • Importing classification sheets
  • Working with books and large files held Externally
  • Importing databases
Morning Tea
10.50am-12.30pm Session 6: Exploring language and Coding

  • Word frequency analyses and text search queries
  • Design several types of coding queries: matrix, compound, grouped
  • Working with query results
  • Displaying tree maps and word maps to illustrate patterns to better effect
1.30pm-2.45pm Session 7: Extending your own Project

  • Set up Classification Systems
  • Import Datasets
  • Use queries to extend or review coding
Afternoon Tea
3.00pm-4.00pm Session 8: Visualizing the data

  • Create models to represent work in progress
  • Use mind maps and graphics to illuminate findings
  • Design custom reports