Project Set Up

Consulting, design, set-up & support for your research projects

After attending a workshop, we invite you to take advantage of discounts for consulting and project set-up. We can even have your audio files transcribed for you. At Research Assist, we help individuals and organisations of any size set up their qualitative or mixed methods research project. Project design and set-up services save you time and prevent any costly set-up mistakes that compromise research outcomes. By setting up projects effectively and efficiently to your specifications, or entirely with our expertise, you can proceed confidently towards coding and data analysis, or have it done for you. If you require assistance, please about our services.

NVivo Server 10 (and 9) – Enabling simultaneous work on the same project

The NVivo Server 9 is a new and extremely powerful tool that enables colleagues and team members to work on the same NVivo 9 project simultaneously.

It is particularly suitable for the management of very large projects requiring varying levels of access by multiple staff members. At Research Assist, we successfully manage and administer NVivo 9 Server projects for clients.

Research Assist was 1 of only 4 sites in the world invited to beta test the NVivo 9 server software prior to its release, enabling us to gain valuable in-depth knowledge of, and experience with, the server.

With solid IT support to draw on, and understanding the differences between a server project and a standalone project, we can help you set up your server and provide follow-up assistance, as well as convert standalone projects to and from the server.

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