Dr Robyn Maddern

Working with young researchers is rewarding because they soak up information….. working with mature and experienced researchers is fascinating because when they see how I use the software, a lot of light bulbs go off.

Robyn Maddern completed her PhD in 2003 presenting a mixed methods thesis on “Temptation and Restraint: The self-regulation of an addictive behaviour”. This series of 3 empirical studies comprised a grounded theory analysis, a content analysis and finally a structural equation model which integrated the findings from the first two studies.

Robyn has worked in academic research for the past 15 years on a wide variety of topics, ranging across Psychology, Sociology, Health and the Environment. As a methodologist and Senior Researcher her particular interest is the integration of qualitative and quantitative data and she provides consulting to industry, academics and students in this area. Her academic work has included addictive behaviors, education and longitudinal health studies for example, and her corporate work has included evaluations and participatory action research evaluations for government in health and environment. Robyn now focuses her energies on training workshops and project work using NVivo.