Online Training

Online training is suitable for people who have good IT skills and would like to learn at an accelerated pace. There are 3 x 2 hour sessions over the course of a week.  We cover most of the material in the two day open workshop, although in a little less depth, because we have less time.  The good part is you can practice during sessions.  Often people opt for a 1:1 series of sessions because it is even more cost effective.  With 1:1 we can move quite quickly and focus solely on your data and the particular skills you need for your project.  Its a consult, workshop and project set-up session all in one.  Please email or phone to discuss your preferences.  Scroll to the bottom for Session Outline.

Online Training Session Outline

Session 1 – Coding

RMB, Quick code bar and Drag and drop
Auto coding

Session 2 – Classifying

Search folders and Group query
Language queries

Session 3 Queries and Visuals

Coding Queries
Matrix coding queries
Visuals and Reports