NVivo Onsite Training

NVivo 12 Intro/Intermediate

During a 2 day course (Starter and Pro) we cover all the essential NVivo skills to get you started on your own project: Formatting, creating/importing documents, linking, coding, searching, modelling. When you return to your desk you will have a clear idea of how to proceed with your project, and you will have the skills you need to do it. Ideally do this course early in the design phase of your project as one of the most frequent comments made at NVivo courses is “if only I’d done this sooner….”

NVivo 10 Advanced

This session provides the opportunity to hone your skills and progress your project in a guided environment. It is only for those who have completed a previous NVivo course and have projects containing a developed coding system.

In this course we will revise some of your existing NVivo skills and extend your knowledge of searching, analysing and organising your project for write up. The emphasis for the day is on using your own data to progress your project in a guided environment. Some of the issues we will consider include “What questions do I need to ask of my data to understand what is going on.” Do I need to restructure my coding system, and if so how do I do it”. There will be group in-put to these issues and some time for one-on-one with the presenter.

Please inquire about customised workshops.

Information for On-site Organizers

  • Course: 2 Day Starter and Pro NVivo 12
  • Venue: A lab with enough PCs for the group; Location details and parking: Please Advise
  • Equipment: A data projector (with connecting lead) and whiteboard.
  • IT requirements: I will liaise with the University IT staff to arrange for training files to be placed on the server etc. All participants will need to check that their logons work in the labs prior to the day or training
  • Maximum participants: 10 – 12
  • Software: If your department does not have an NVivo licence I can load a full 30-day trial version of the software by arrangement
  • Laptops: Can be used if preferred, must have the software installed and working.
  • Cost: Agreed daily training rate which includes follow up by phone and/or email after the course
  • Payment: By direct deposit or cheque within 10 days. A surcharge of 5% maybe added to late payments of invoices
  • Date: To be confirmed
  • Time: Usually 9.30am to 4.30pm, or as agreed.
  • Course Notes: Full set of notes provided to each participant.
  • Participants skill base: A “reasonable” level of skill with MS Word is assumed. You need to be able to navigate around documents, save them as different file types, apply style headings and basic functions like cut, copy and paste. People who cannot operate efficiently at this level find they have a double learning curve for the first half of the day. MAC USERS: If not PC literature will suffer a similar double learning curve for first half of the day.

Note to the Organizer

Running a course onsite requires a well maintained computer lab, with computers that meet the specifications recommended by the software manufacturers. If NVivo is being delivered across a network, please alert your IT staff to further information below.

Further Information for IT staff

IT configurations and testing should be carried out prior to the course. Once the software is loaded, IT staff can contact Robyn and she will run through a brief testing activity to ensure the software is functioning well.